Carla Bonnet Wedding Photographer

Nice to e-meet you!

quick facts

-       I could eat sushi every day.

-       I’m from Gran Canaria - Canary Islands, Spain.

-       I play the guitar.

-       I’m a night owl.

-       Lived in NYC for 2 years.

- I can't leave home without a watch... or earrings!

- I love making lists.

                              Photo by  Cristina Díaz  

                              Photo by Cristina Díaz 

-       Crossfiter

-       I’m a TV-series addict. Any recommendations?

-       I drink coffee for pleasure, not because I need it.

-       I’m obsessed about being the best version of myself (in personal life and in business). I’m always reading books to achieve that.

-       I’m an only child. Value friendship to the moon and back.

- Did you say micheladas?

Extended version

I know how important it is to capture your special day and it is an honor that you would consider me as your photographer.

I was born and raised in Canary Islands, then I lived in Madrid for 10 years and since 2012 I have been going back and forth between Spain and NYC. I love traveling and meeting new people all around the Universe!

I used to work on TV series as AD (Assistant Director) but photography stole my heart. The satisfaction of creating something is priceless. I like to get involved and give my best in everything I do. I care about people. In fact, my people and clients mean all to me. I shoot a limited number of weddings a year to make sure I invest the time and effort that every wedding deserves. This is a handmade work.

I strongly believe in the power of images to create memories. You can say my work is like a documentary with an artistic/creative approach but I'd rather say I just do what I love.

Shall we have a coffee? :)

                                                         Photo by  Chusico Espeleta

                                                         Photo by Chusico Espeleta